The Success Story Of Our PUR Offer For an Ad-free Reading Experience

The English version of the PUR launch page — since the start, we have added additional explanatory notes for maximum transparency
  • 3032 readers bought PUR on the website for 4.99 Euro per month, 3508 in our apps (where revshares for Apple and Google apply).
  • 10,704 bought PUR in combination with our SPIEGEL+ subscription offers for 1.99 euro.

How it started, how it works

In the end, the introduction of PUR on our website went relatively smoothly. The most fascinating thing was to watch the amount of readers who were startled by the hard alternative, which ultimately said: “Please pay with advertising approval or with money,” and thus decided to leave immediately. And in fact, 30 percent of readers still initially bounce when they first meet the mandatory choice between advertising and PUR subscription. However, this effect levels off over time. Readers keep coming across our widely popular homepage again and again, and at some point they come to grips with the question and make a decision. Accordingly, we have not seen any decline in reach, except for the very first days when the readers first saw the mandatory choice at once and the bouncing effect was at its peak. This soon wore off.

PUR statistics since launch (gains and losses, excluding purchases via the App Stores)



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